Message from the Chairperson

Hugh AwtreyAs a resident of Clovis, a parent of Clovis Unified students, and a businessman in this community, I know Clovis Unified is a school district full of people who care about kids; and who are willing to invest their time, energy, and personal finances to make a difference. That is why the Foundation for Clovis Schools exists, and I hope you will take a few minutes to learn more about the Foundation and how you can join us in building a stronger school community in Clovis Unified!
Out in our community, the number one question I am asked is, “why is there a Foundation for Clovis Schools?” Well, let me give you some numbers….in the 2015-2016 school year, Clovis Unified received on average, $1,900 less per child than other school districts in Fresno County. If Clovis Unified received just the average of other Fresno County school districts, there would be $78 more each year to spend on our students.  That is 78 million dollars every year that could be going to support learning in Clovis Unified! It may not look like it when you drive by our beautiful schools, but Clovis Unified is doing so much more with so much less funding than our neighbors year in and year out.

The Foundation for Clovis Schools was started back in 1986 to make sure that Clovis Unified students always had the resources needed to excel, and today, the Foundation is continuing our work to stand in the gap created by these funding inequities.
Thank you for supporting Clovis Unified and the Foundation for Clovis Schools.
Hugh Awtrey, III