New Teacher Grants

a teacher smiling around his students

A core belief in Clovis Unified is, “It’s people, not programs that make the positive difference for kids.” Hiring and maintaining quality teachers is one of the most important things done to provide students with an exceptional education.  

When new teachers set up their very first classroom, it can be very expensive. There are many materials and supplies that a new teacher needs which the school district does not provide. It is very common for our new teachers to spend hundreds of dollars of their own money.

To support new teachers in Clovis Unified, the Foundation awards each new full-time teacher a gift of $200 to help with the expenses of setting up his/her classroom.  
The New Teacher Grants are a way to support schools in attracting quality teachers to Clovis Unified, help new teachers feel valued and a part of the CUSD team, and provide financial assistance in setting up a classroom for the first time.  

The cash grants are awarded at the annual “Welcome to Clovis Unified” luncheon which is hosted in August by the Clovis Unified Governing Board. The Foundation underwrites a large portion of the cost for the luncheon as well as funding the grants.