Students of Promise

students eating lunch on a high school campus outdoors

The Students of Promise scholarship program recognizes high school juniors who are attending school on a regular basis, showing responsibility and succeeding in school despite very challenging situations in their personal lives. Some of the issues they deal with are: homelessness, foster care, critical illness, loss of parents and abuse. These issues could easily affect their performance at school but somehow they do not let these challenges get in their way. When you hear their stories, you wonder how some of these students have the strength and determination to go to school each day.

A Student of Promise may not be a 4.0 student, a star athlete or the most well-known student on campus. Some have to work very hard to keep that “C” average and to get to school most days. Considering some of the events in their lives, they are doing a tremendous job.
Teachers, counselors and school staff at each high school may nominate a student in his or her junior year as a Student of Promise. Juniors at each high school are selected by Foundation Directors and honored at an awards dinner in the spring with family, friends, teachers, school administrators and Foundation supporters in attendance.

Each student’s story is featured on a video with Foundation Directors presenting each Student of Promise with a $2,000 scholarship. The scholarship is encouragement for these students to keep up the good work, stay in school, graduate and pursue their dreams.

The Students of Promise event is an emotional evening with students and teachers sharing stories that will inspire and amaze you.

If you would like to be part of a program that truly changes the lives of students, please consider:

  • Contributing the cost of a student scholarship: $2,000 per student
  • Sponsorship of the Students of Promise Dinner and Awards Event: $5,000